The Sound and the Fury and the Literary Guilt and a fast John Sanford

howtosellIn our job descriptions in the line between taking out the garbage and other duties as assigned, our guild managed to squeeze in a requirement that we have time to read the NYTimes book review.  So when you come in and find us doing that, know that we are on duty.

Yesterday afternoon when we were on duty we read Tom McCarthy’s sharp review of the apparently SoundAndFuryoverblurbed How To Sell by Clancy Martin, wishing that we were as capable a reviewer as McCarthy and deciding that we would not get around to the Martin book and then deciding to read The Sound and the Fury.  We decided that because we were so taken with the McCarthy review that when he referred to The Sound and the Fury as the greatest of all American novels and then perhaps the greatest of all novels, we reckoned it was time we finally do it.  “It” being reading Faulkner which we have always avoided – being afraid, among other things, that we wouldn’t like it and being then declared a literary idiot.

wickedpreySo now I’m doing it.  You know what?  The first few –quite spectacular – pages would absolutely guarantee the book’s never getting an agent in this already peculiar century.  We’ll let you know how the rest goes, although this will clearly not be a fast read.

In the fast read department we wolfed down Wicked Prey, John Sandford’s latest, using the NemoKindle.  It was ok, but maybe not worth the $15.95 Kindleprice.  Wait for the Library copy to come available.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. McCarthy gets bonus points for using the word “swive” in his review.

  2. John Sandford’s “Wicked Prey” is now the traditional $9.99.

  3. So the lesson for Kindlers is to resist buying during the week of release? Or is it a month? That was $5 that should have gone to interesting beer.

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