Books about Bikes

cycleraceLook under the subject headings “bicycles” and “cycling” in the Mercantile Library, and you will encounter the following three items: Biking Ohio’s Rail-Trails (Revised edition, now with 50% more trails!) by Shawn E. Richardson.  This is the source for the log distance rider in Ohio.  Forget traffic–trails on old railroad grades are, far and away, the most relaxing mode of transportation ever invented.  An American Cycling Odyssey, 1887 by Kevin Hayes “chronicles the record-breaking transcontinental bicycle journey undertaken atop a high-wheeled Columbia Expert by twenty-one-year-old Geroge W. Nellis Jr. from Herkheimer, New York”.  Apprenticed in the newspaper business, Nellis financed his cross-country trip by writing letters to hometown newspapers.  Over 100 years later, for his fifty-fourth birthday, David Lamb also crossed the country by bike, a trip recorded in Over the Hills although his route passed further south.  But none of these informative and entertaining tomes can touch the Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes title Cycling (1887) by Viscount Bury, K.C.M.G and G. Lacy Hillier, illustrated (see above), covering everything from mechanics of high wheeler, “tri-cycling for ladies”, right-of-way, attire, clubs, perils, and the correct management of cycling races (again, see above–couldn’t in good conscience, get a flat scan as the book is a bit frail).  Perhaps organizers of the alley cat could take a page or two from this.           -Ed Scripsi

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