Cycling Bad for the Blood Pressure

Continuing the unbroken chain of National Bike Month bike commutes this morning we took the northern route using Clark and 12th streets.  That takes us through the beautiful block between John and Central where stands the Betts House which always puts us in a nice frame of mind that lasts for about thirty seconds because we next pass the latest thumb in the civic eye from people who should know better.  That thumb would be the construction of the latest outpost of the Free Store Central Parkway where it will be as damaging to the fragile health of the West End as the well-meant but ill-conceived CityLink.  The blood pressure cranks further upward as we pass the subsidized flop house between Central Parkway and Elm Street and then goes through the roof as we pedal past the godawful new SCPA building which turns its revolting backside to Washington Park.  Think about it.  Memorial Hall, Music Hall, First English Lutheran, Nast Trinity, and a dozen excellent city houses turn their best faces toward the public square, but the most expensive school in the city moons it.  And what’s with the parking lot?  Didn’t we just subsidize a city garage a block away at Vine and Central Parkway?  And isn’t there another one behind Music Hall?  And aren’t we digging one under Washington Park?  We have heard that the parking lot was a concession to the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers.  If that is so, the CFT should be deeply ashamed.

We calmed down by the time we got to Garfield Place, which is everything a good city block should be.

We saw one other bike commuter on the route and one skateboard commuter which doesn’t count, but is still relatively groovy.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I think it only fitting that the SCPA show off the moon to Washington Park since the flop house folks have been known to drop trou’ right across 12th Street. How many moms and pops are going to keep their kids in the new school when they witness the bathroom etiquette of the drop-in center folks. You can imagine this $27mil project being empty a year after it opens. Half the sex offenders in the neighborhood use the drop-in center as their address. This won’t help matters either.

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