Clueless City Management

bike_oasisDid you come here looking for book posts? You will be lucky to find any this month as we pound pound pound home the importance of Bike Month. We did, after all, spend from our own privy purse to put the Library on the Queen City Bike page in support of the cause, and we are mad keen to see every last Cincinnatian out on two wheels.

Yesterday morning on our virtuous cycling way to work we buttonholed the City Manager who was walking from City Hall to a meeting to ask him what the city would be doing for Bike Month, Week, Day, etc. Poor Mr. Mohoney, caught flatfooted by a full-of-himself librarian was politely befuddled. He admitted he had no idea what the city was doing – clearly had no idea it was The Month – but said that the people he was about to see would know all about it.

It would be a good idea for Stackedaddicts to contact the Manager’s office to find out what he found out.

We’re a little worried about visibility of The Cause.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Mr. Wolfe,

    Mr. Mohoney is very busy trying to get corporate funding for the Cincinnati Streetcar to take on another mode of transportation at this time. I’m willing to give the poor, overworked guy a pass.

    Cheers, Clueless Downtowner

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