Al Gore Busted

clay1When and if you show up here for Jon Hughes’s Founders Day program on Lafcadio Hearn (see below), and you find yourself with a few minutes to wander around when you don’t feel like chatting up the other guests, you might want to wander around and look at the city’s largest collection of portrait busts, many of which have been featured in this very blog. We never did get around to Henry Clay, who sits pretty close to where we will be pouring whatever it is we’re pouring – it used to be sherry, but we’re the only one who seemed to like the stuff – so we call your attention to him now. He’s in the collection because, as we have told you, Nicholas Longworth opened the Longworth checkbook for local artists, and Joel Hart, who rendered Clay in clay, was a local artist. He’s one of several of our sub-collection of portrait busts of personages who thought the republic ought to put them in the White House but were disappointed. That group includes John McLean and Salmon P. (“Something fishy about this baby, Mother”) Chase. Consider them all, and then think about how Al Gore was born to be a bust. The hair! The bulk! Perhaps you will want to open your own checkbook. We would find a place for him, I promise you.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. If I am opening my checkbook for a bust it will of course be for Rutherford B. Hayes!

  2. I realize the post was more about those who did not win the Presidency . . . but some say Hayes stole it and you just don’t have a Hayes bust!

  3. Is there a bust we can copy at the Hayes site? Seriously. We could do that.

  4. This is the only bust I can remember but there may be others. I have an email in to them.

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