Evolution Settled Once and For All at the Library Time Forgot


Is it unfair to assume that those members of the thinking public who give credence to Intelligent Design probably have worthier things to do than drift away from pious work or even pious blogs to spend time hanging around such louche sites as this? Unfair or not, that is what we assume, so we assume that we are safe notifying Stacked fans that amongst the latest shipment of seductive titles at the Library in the Sky is Jerry A. Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True. It’s short and sweet, just the thing to strengthen those dim shaky memories from Freshman biology so that, in the event one does find oneself suddenly in public debate with an Intelligent Designer, one will have facts at one’s fingertips and one will be an Intelligent Debater.

We ourselves are personally quite intelligent, but we have a soft spot for those who believe tyrannosaurs routinely picked up and munched on cave men because it’s such a lovely image that we wish it were true.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. So, you don’t think “You are so stupid! Of course evolution is true!” is considered intelligent debate? You think I should have facts and stuff?

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