“I make sure he stays inside until he sees me pull up, and he can just run out and get in the car.”

Mom: There you are!  I was worried SICK.  Where have you been… [sniff] and why do you smell so… musty?

Kid: Uh… I was at a heroin party, and…

Mom: That’s a lie!  I want the truth.

Kid: See, some friends and I got a fake ID, stole a cop car, and…

Mom: I said the truth! Now, mister!

Kid: You want the truth? Okay, fine.  I WAS AT THE LIBRARY!!

Mom: [sob] NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

-Norm De Plume

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  1. That was such a sad article! When I worked a library the absolute worst I had to deal with was super horrific body odor on a patron now and then.

  2. Yeah, in my public library days, the worst thing that happened to us was when a librarian interrupted one of our chess games.

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