The Peoples’ Glorious Troika

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So we followed Norm’s link to the county commissioners and wondered what he was all stewed up about? How can you not feel confident to find a county run by three white guys in their forties? We were a white guy in our forties once, and we can tell you that the quiet wisdom, the depth of feeling, the range of experience, and the solid gravitas of white guys in their forties – well it just can’t be beat. PLCH couldn’t have better friends. What a contrast to the noisy jittery crowd packed into Grammers to hear the Mayor let rip with a shockingly energetic speech in support of the streetcar. The disorderly crowd contained women and other disturbing elements, not a one of whom seemed to understand truly important issues such as the attack on subdivisional cul-de-sacs by the once reliable commonwealth of Virginia. We say thank goodness for our three white guys in their forties.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. How did the guy with the mustache get in there?

  2. Many Hamilton County voters remember the days of disco with great fondness. Councilman Portune’s moustache is a happy reminder of those pleasant times.

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