Mimi Sheraton dips into chili

pict0011Mimi Sheraton, the travel-food-culture-cookbook writer who turned in a memorable lecture as the second Hearth and Home feature last Thursday, was double dipping. After agreeing to speak here, she called her old employer, The New York Times, to see if they would like a travel/food piece on Cincinnati chili, a subject that’s been beaten to death and beyond locally but which seems still to interest the Times since whoever answered the phone said “Sure, why not?” So Mimi went to seven chili parlors in 24 hours, accompanied by her son’s (and the Library’s) chums Jim Crosset and Thom Atkinson. Jim took pictures (click below to see all of them). She wouldn’t tell us her favorite. It’ll be in the travel section. The Times was too cheap to pick up the airfare, by the way.

-Nemo Wolfe






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  1. Hmm… interesting how the “possibly related posts” doesn’t bring up the most recent NYTimes-related post.

    That aside, if the Times wants an honest first-timers analysis they’ll have to do it the tried-n-true way: send an intern who’s willing to drink all night and eat chili at 2 a.m.

  2. Agreed. Mimi didn’t really grasp the spaghetti concept.

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