Mimi Sheraton, Tom Wolfe, Livable Streets, and Casey Coston

mimisheratonIt’s a day for short, fast, punch posts as we are obliged this morning to speed to the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Southeast Indiana/Tri-State/Metroplexar/Megalopolitan/International Airport to pick up today’s celebrity Mimi Sheraton, New York Times restaurant reviewer emerita who will hold forth tomorrow evening as the lioness at the Library’s second Hearth and Home event, for which a few seats are still available if you hurry. We believe she is arriving well ahead of time in order to scope out the turbulent local restaurant scene and we are hoping to be let in on her scoops.

We Are No Longer Charlotte Simmons. We Kindled through to the end of the most recent Tom Wolfe and thought that if held up v. well, but the discomfort of closely viewing modern university life was almost more than we could bear. It’s bad enough to have to live through the actual business and then to relive it slightly through one’s children. Still, we are total suckers for the Wolfean approach to reporting and found ourselves at a weekend dinner working hard to convince an architect to go get A Man In Full and read it which he is doing with pleasure.

With the fate of the streetcar largely out of our hands we are shifting our civic attention to Livable Streets and are now mad keen on making nearby Fourth Street back into a local street, taking it out of the hands of commuters and delivering it to the local flaneurs through the miracle of traffic calming. We are enlisting neighbors in the cause of returning Fourth to two way status, banishing the buses to Third Street, and forcing the dark forces of traffic engineering to open the Third Street connection to I75 northbound and closing the Fourth Street connection. So much to do here. Please join the cause at once.

If you haven’t been reading Casey Coston’s stuff in Soapbox, you have been missing the good stuff. Cincinnati being Cincinnati, it is not surprising that the weekly e-mag has been just a little too far over the cheerleading line, but Mr. Coston seems to grasp the designers’ original goals. He earned his keep for the year this week by calling attention to the barely surviving Wielert’s Beer Garden. We have long hoped to chug a stein of something nice there before we are too old to wander the streets, and if that happens it will be partly due to this nice bit of reporting.

-Nemo Wolfe

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