We Are Charlotte Simmons

tom_wolfeIt will be a Tom Wolfe weekend with the Kindle. Something reminded we this week that we hadn’t read I Am Charlotte Simmons, so we downloaded it into the WolfeReader and we are happily and well into it, and not just because he may be a kinsman.

Why are the literary long knives always out for Tom Wolfe? The book chatters didn’t like Charlotte, and they weren’t crazy about A Man In Full. Is it that he writes what he wants to write and doesn’t waste any time with Iowa workshop agony? That he plays no favorites with social subgroups? Who knows? But with no more than a sixth of the book under our belt, we already feel we have made back our $9.99 Amazon investment. We can’t think of another author who could have so accurately drawn the arrival of a small town North Carolina girl at a first-tier university with a Famous Basketball Team. If we thought we could get away with it, we would bail out of the Library this morning do a nonstop read. It’s really all we want to be doing.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Yeah, no reading in the Library!!

  2. It is so odd here. Four alcoholics working in a bar.

  3. […] We Are No Longer Charlotte Simmons. We Kindled through to the end of the most recent Tom Wolfe and thought that if held up v. well, but the discomfort of closely viewing modern university life was almost more than we could bear. It’s bad enough to have to live through the actual business and then to relive it slightly through one’s children. Still, we are total suckers for the Wolfean approach to reporting and found ourselves at a weekend dinner working hard to convince an architect to go get A Man In Full and read it which he is doing with pleasure. […]

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