Giant Wooden Goat Attacks Infant, Quick-thinking Friar Thwarts Tragedy with Fistful of Bock Choy


It is not the policy of this blog to endorse the consumption of such low-brow beverages as beer, which is proven to be counterproductive to all but the basest of literary pursuits.  Barley Wine is however conducive to reading Chaucer.  Try it:

Nevertheless, the literary bon vivant might, in accordance with said-same urge to “goon on pilgrimages”, and, out of a holy zeal to support one of downtown Cincinnati’s spectacular rites of Spring, choose to present his or herself at 5:45 today at Arnold’s for the beginning of the Bockfest parade and a pint of the original “liquid bread”.  -ed scripsi

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  1. Oh. My. Lord. LOL!

  2. […] -Goats, much-maligned throughout the ages as symbols of Pagan debauchery, etc., are actually quite nice and are far more environmentally friendly than, say, lawnmowers.  That being said, they have indiscriminate, voracious  appetites, especially when they’ve been drinking. […]

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