Cornwell et al.

cornwellimageIn an extremely –almost excessively- pleasant moment yesterday afternoon, two attorneys, steady readers both, discovered at the circulation desk that they had both become fans of the prolific and gifted writer Bernard Cornwell. We hasten to say that both attorneys are men, as are Bernard Cornwell and his bellicose heroes and that his books are, for the most part, based on real wars from the middle ages through the nineteenth century and that they are bloody and violent and not for the faint-hearted or for those seeking post-Freudian psychological depth or something that would be right for a book club. Unless there is somewhere in the metropolis a book club for fans of reconstructed battles from the fourteenth century.

We have been reading and pushing Cornwell for years, so we felt a rosy and proprietary glow as the attorneys shared their pleasure and as Attorney A sent Attorney B back into the stacks to dig out the beginnings of the archer series. Attorney B is in for such a treat and is very likely to start thinking about locating a local yew and fashioning his own longbow, the starring weapon in that most excellent series.

There was another nice moment as another member spoke of the delight she took in The Forgery of Venus, the Michael Gruber novel that will be up for discussion in the last session of Living Pictures, the five part series led by longtime Library associate Jonathan Kamholtz. We’ve been pushing Dr. Gruber on members as long as he’s been writing books and we are happy to say that those who have taken our recommendation seem grateful. It is something of a disappointment that we haven’t got as good a reaction to the first three Gruber steamy Florida sex, Santeria, Miami murder novels which we think are beyond sensational as we think they deserve. Do try them. They are so good.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. […] Stacked Web Log has recommended Michael Gruber to you before.  More than once, even.  Today I would like to do so again.  His newest, The Good Son, is excellent.  As usual, […]

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