Busts of the Mercantile: President’s Day Edition


-ed scripsi

Published in: on February 17, 2009 at 4:30 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. […] have noticed that poor old Wm. H. Harrison had absolutely nothing to say in the debate noted in Ed’s posting immediately below. Perhaps the hero of Tippecanoe, whose marble portrait (left) is as far as we’re concerned the […]

  2. Well, well… Sooooo Mr. Scripsi DOES have a talent afterall: he has a totally unique sense of humor. (In other words, takes a specially twisted phunny bone to even begin to do more than scratch your warts in confusion when looking at these..uh..’political’ cartoons.) I do have to give you a few bonus points– though, Mr. Scripsi–for the effort. And an extra point for sort of getting a vague resemblance to Washington and Lincoln. My best advice is to just stop this stuff; but, knowing you won’t, my other advice is to kill yourself. No, no… I didn’t mean that.. I meant to say, work hard! Practice, practice, practice! It won’t do any good, but it will hopefully keep you away from whatever it is you’re smoking. Tell Jen I said, “HOWDY!”

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