Our commute

We set out for home yesterday at 5:10. We were on foot because it had been so nice when we set out from the West End in the morning. There had been a lot of darkening and wailing during the afternoon – all the weather people so wanted to use their sirens – but there was nothing like a tornado. Not even what you’d call a serious thunderstorm, or at least not in town. And the sun was semi-shining when we left. We were doing the one block north one block west thing we do because we live eight blocks west and eight blocks north of the Library so the stairstep path is somehow rewarding for those of us with mild OCD, which is to say most people involved with libraries. By the time we were skirting Covenant First Presbyterian, the lights had gone out. We picked up the pace, but there was no way to avoid a vicious little squall line that was tearing across the basin, so we had to take shelter in a doorway across Ninth from City Hall, and the rain and then the hail beat down good and proper. Mrs. Wolfe called to see if we were dead or if we wanted a ride home, but we are an old salt and we knew that anything coming on that fast would be gone just as fast, and we were right. We came out of the filthy abandoned entry after about five minutes to find it was twenty degrees cooler than it had been, and made it home by 5:35 perfectly dry, happy to see the roof intact.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. but shouldn’t you end that entry with: “but of course if we had a streetcar I would’ve taken that” ?

  2. You’re right. Although the initial route would get me no closer than 12th and Elm at which point I could have sought shelter in the Drop Inn Center

  3. You would always be welcome in the American Building. We actually serve alcohol unlike the Drop in Center.

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