Time to re-Kindle?

Norm kindly – or perhaps unkindly – pointed us to the NYTimes piece on the new Kindle (see also coverage of the actual event– ed.). Norm knows that we are a fairly happy Kindle owner, but he knows also that it is the custom amongst modern gadget owners to become unhappy and envious when one’s gadget is updated or superseded and he may have wanted to see if we would become anxious and edgy, but we will not. We still have our original iPod. We did not feel the need to buy the smaller versions or the versions with wee televisions. As a matter of fact, our iPod is gathering dust because we know of no great improvements to the iPod earbuds which do not fit our aristocratically small ear openings and we really don’t plan to get involved with it again until that problem is fixed. And we do not plan to have our aristocratically small ear openings bored out just to suit the Apple design Nazis. It is true that we have a mild beef with the design of the Kindle that has us turning pages when we are simply trying to change our grip. And that design flaw seems to have been addressed in the new version with New! Improved! round buttons. But the page is the same, and the page is what matters. We don’t bookmark. We don’t look stuff up. We read. And our original Kindle reads very well, thank you. And it cost a ton. So we’re not interested.

Currently on the Kindle: John Sandford’s Heat Lightning.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I thought it best you heard it from me, Nemo. Anyway, I knew you wouldn’t be tempted by mere rounded buttons.

  2. We are grateful for the helpful shove in the direction of Sony ear buds and will try to find a set. We feel lonely in our house where Mrs. Wolfe’s MP3 earphones are welded in place since that is now how she reads.

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