Online-Only Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Material from the 2009 Annual Meeting

– Figuring out how much teatime foodstuff to secure prior to an event can be difficult.  We did pretty good, I think- We ended up with almost exactly the right amount of tea, and a only a modest excess of leftover poundcake and the like. Still, the evening was not without foodstuff-related consequences.  For instance, I have consumed my weight in delicious sweet baked goods over the past two days, and Scripsi and I narrowly avoided having to perform a double-time re-up on a steaming hot silver teapot.  I doubt both of us would have survived.

– One of the least coveted jobs at the Library is roving photographer at a nighttime event.  You just can’t win.  If you don’t use a flash, everybody tends to look a little blurry. If you do use a flash, the local luminaries you’re trying to photograph end up looking like you stumbled upon them while spelunking in a deep, dark cave somewhere.  Local luminaries reading this are encouraged to bring their own lighting to their next Library event.

– Speaking of local luminaries, Dan from Queen City Survey was in the house, feeling especially young.

– Finally, if you’re a fan of local history-related humor and didn’t make it to the event, you really missed out.  Orloff Miller is as funny as he is learned.

– Norm De Plume

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