No new books for Norm

The De Plumes and De Plumes-in-law decided to radically scale back the holiday gift giving this year, due to 1) uncertainty caused by the global financial crisis, and 2) a glut of De Plume whippersnappers who asked for things their elders were too embarrassed to say out loud.  This reminded us all of a particularly disturbing Christmas memory, namely the time my red faced mother was forced to ask a record store clerk for something called “Bitch’s Brew” while Christmas shopping.  (This was, by the way, the only known time my sainted mother has ever uttered a cuss, a tragic and still painful event that shook the De Plume family to its very foundation.)  So, this year we drew names and strongly encouraged the giving of homemade gifts.

The scaled back Christmas was great, but I have to selfishly admit I miss having my usual post-Christmas stack of books to browse through.  Luckily, thanks to the magic of the comments button I can browse vicariously through YOUR stack.

Well, what did you get?  Anything good?

-Norm De Plume

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  1. The Audubon Field Guide to North American Birds, Eastern Edition. Gripping Reading. As David Attenborough might say: What’s this? A FE-Male. Although she lacks the males’ more vibrant plumage, she’s no bore–in fact, she’s about to give him the TONGUE lashing or his LIFE.

  2. That sounds great. We purchased a bird book for Mrs De Plume’s near step-father, one with a little speaker that plays each bird’s call. He was visibly unimpressed after he found out it didn’t include his favorite bird, the blue jay.

  3. The only book I received this year was Ian Fleming’s “Octopussy”. But The Wife did spring for tickets to the New Years Day evening performance of “Spamalot”.

    The children, meanwhile, got all of the technical gadgetry and whizbangery that modern brats have these days. I blame The Wife.


  4. A special someone gave me a beautiful book of slow-cooker recipes (best feature: a big list of main ingredients with tips for how to make them delicious in the slow cooker). I gave him Terry Pratchett’s Nation.

  5. My husband got one of Jack Kerley’s new books that are only released in the U.K. right now even though he’s local to you guys. He also got John Sanford’s latest and liked them both.

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