Geoff Nicholson’s “The Lost Art of Walking” on Beechmont Avenue

laowalkingI’m two thirds of the way through Geoff Nicholson’s The Lost Art of Walking, a very light book, I must say – a much padded out Talk of the Town piece, but fun if you like L.A. or London or New York or Paris and like to think of yourself walking someplace swell for hours on end instead of hammering away at your laptop to keep the wolf from the door. One place you probably don’t much like walking on is Beechmont Avenue which is essentially a fast moving conduit for Anderson SUVs on their way to wherever it is SUVs and their cell phone gabbling drivers go. Kevin LeMaster’s excellent Building Cincinnati blog has a splendid example of what we must assume will be the typical local reaction to Roxanne Qualls’ intelligent recommendations to restore some livability to Beechmont Avenue. Do we have more than our share of blockheaded natives? I ask you.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. “Do we have more than our share of blockheaded natives?”

    Yes. I saw the same thing in a recent op-ed piece in one of the Community Press newspapers. A guy from Miami Township (Clermont County) was complaining because Wooster Pike isn’t wide enough to make his commute to and from Downtown a breeze. I replied that his frustrations with traffic were of his own making.

  2. Those people would cheerfully level Mariemont Square.

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