Craig Johnson in the bathtub


Norm’s probably right about the reading devices, but in mentioning bathtubs he failed to touch on the $400 problem you will run into if you take your Kindle or iPhone for a good read while you’re having a good soak and drop your reading device into the steamy suds. It was bad enough dropping a $12.95 paperback, but your phone! With its directory! And all that music!

But who has a good soak anymore? Someone should drive out to McMason to count just how often those spa tubs in the luxomasterbaths ever actually get used, with or without the floating votives shown in the sales brochures. The truth is that the huge tubs get filled for a trial soak or possibly the exercise of conjugal rights once in the first week of ownership and then it’s back to the shower for everyone.

Currently on the Nemokindle: the latest Craig Johnson, Another Man’s Mocassins. I’ve read all the Johnson shelf and like it a lot. I’m not sure why. It’s about a Wyoming sheriff in a vast, nearly empty county and couldn’t possibly be less like life in emptying but still pretty busy Hamilton County, O. I am a big admirer of Henry, Sheriff Walt Longmire’s lifelong Cheyenne pal. Johnson sails awfully close to the P.C. wind, but never capsizes the way Robert B. Parker invariably does within minutes. I suppose it’s boomer escape, but I say it’s high-class boomer escape, and I recommend it.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Since I was heading to Kindleland I bought “Another Man’s Mocassins” and did enjoy it. He didn’t just skate
    up to the PC line, he obliterated it. Hell, it took him several chapters to let us in on the FBI joke. Another thing, what would a jarhead be doing that far south in the Tan Son Nhut area? I don’t remember jarhead units in that area but maybe they were there to protect the airbase or something.

  2. The Kindle in bathtub problem can be solved in a beautifully low-tech way: purchasing large zip-lock bags, the tougher the better.

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