Best of the “Best Books of 2008” Lists 2008

trophyI was about to post a list of the Best Books of 2008, but the moment I thought about doing something so hackey* I instantly grew bored and fell into a deep, deep sleep.  Instead, here is my first annual list of the best of the annual “Best Of” lists of books for 2008:

1. The New York Times
2. The Economist
3. Publishers Weekly
4. NPR
5. Entertainment Weekly
6. The Washington Post
7. Time
8. Amazon

By the way, if you enjoyed this post, why not contact City Beat to let them know? I would love to make their annual Best Of the Best Of the Best Of list.

-Norm De Plume

*UPDATE- Okay, you caught me.  As you know all too well, if I avoided the hackey I’d never write anything at all.  The fact is, I’m embarrassed that all of my favorite books this year have been Nancy & Sluggo collections.  There.  I said it.  Are you happy?

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  2. I think it may be time to buy the cosmetic stocks.

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