Animal Farm

orwell1 VS hen1

What Norm forgot to tell you was that there are two nice new Orwell books on the non-fiction shelf here. Not new to Orwell, of course, but to the collection. Awful as things seem to be what with the industrial world collapsing into itself, you have to be a little encouraged if publishers are reprinting George Orwell in nice editions.

Now about those Orwell eggs. Norm’s embedded eggs in the previous post are not exactly what George would have brought back from the henhouse. They’ve been buffed and shined. I know a bit about this because I was for several years a buffer and shiner of eggs at a poultry farm. Please.  No squawks from the PETA people. This was a farm where the chickens – each one stupider than the next – were free to walk about and peck each other in order, which they did. They also freely crapped on their eggs, which is why it was necessary to employ high-school lads to feed the nasty streaky poultry farm product into an egg washing gizmo and, occasionally, to take a bit of sandpaper to the persistent spots. Sometime I’ll tell you about shipping off the less productive hens to Campbells.

-Nemo Wolfe

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