You too can play with the Mercantile budget


We’re working on the 2009 budget. It’s not fun. We’ve gotten the bad news on health insurance from the gigantic health insurer which seems to be sucking in as much cash as it possibly can before the long congressional knives are bared. And we know that our members are having to tighten their belts and that there is no way to expect that discretionary giving will not be affected by that tightening. So we are crawling through the budget categories looking for budget items that could do with a squeeze. Like transit companies that are shorted on support just as their ridership is increasing, libraries, including ours, will have to short on book purchases at a time when people are abandoning bookstores and returning to borrowing. So it is more important than ever that readers let us know what they’re looking for early on. And Stacked is the way to let us know. We will honor stack requests from members first. Quick witted readers will see this as a ploy to drive up Stacked readership. They’re right. But it is also a way of pushing discourse about books. We would like to see virtual fights over which books to buy.

And while we’re on the book buying subject, are any of our readers moving away from CD books and into MP3 books yet? Should we be looking at joining one of the MP3 consortia?

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Budget…you might already be doing this, but we’ve found that getting a new quote from other health insurance companies for the same coverage you currently have can be a surprise. It’s well worth the hassle. Now we do the same thing each year for all our vendors. Hope this helps!

  2. Magari, as the Italians say. All of our quotes were worse. We wound up trimming benefits. Tell me these people are not in a conspiracy. Is the Trilateral Commission still controlling the universe?

  3. I would mention the Illuminati but they could be listening right now Fnord.

    Which reminds me, do y’all have any Robert Anton Wilson?

  4. Alas, no.

  5. Well, no worries. I’ll still like ya.

  6. Brian, RAW and the Mercantile are on opposite sides of the “power hungry cabals colluding to control information” issue. We’re pro.

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