Claude Levi-Strauss to replace George Pelecanos at Remke’s?

book-rack1Ed, Ed, Ed. Nobody’s going to care if you read the TLS on the bus. In the first place, depending on your route, there may be two, maybe three riders tops mildly interested in what the TLS logo stands for if you’re ostentatiously holding the tabloid up above the back of the seat in front so that people can see what you’re reading, but the idea that anyone might actually have censured a Metro rider, even in the early days of the W administration, for reading something other than the city’s vanishing daily is ridiculous.

And what, may I ask, is so wrong with the rotating best-seller rack at the local grocery? Is it not a convenience of the finest sort? And does it not contain the likes of beloved grocery spinners Lee Child and George Pelecanos? Was market capitalism not good for them? Has it not been good for IGA megastar Tom Friedman? Is a planned economy going to lead to busloads of commuters reading Levi-Strauss? I think not.

A note to my fellow low-brow capitalists, running dog George Pelecanos’s latest (Turnaround) is on the shelf and available right now.

-Nemo Wolfe

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