A brief Q&A will follow

Q: How can a book about Roald Dahl and Ian Fleming seducing beautiful heiresses and drinking and spying their way around WWII Washington DC not be awesome?

A: Well, apparently, the author “never provides a cohesive narrative”.

Q: So?

A: You’re right.  I’m pretty sure this book is awesome.

Still, pretty sure isn’t the same thing as 100% sure.  Has anybody read this thing?  Like you, I have a stack of books to read, and I need to know whether this one needs to get moved to the top.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Well, if anything about Dahl is half as good as anything BY him- then it’s definitely worth reading!

  2. I just downloaded it on my Kindle (It took only 13 seconds after hitting the “buy”.) I’ll let you know.

  3. Thanks. It sure is nice to be able to outsource book stack triage duties.

  4. Kindle… good or bad? I’m debating whether I want to purchase one.

  5. I love my Kindle. I can’t, however, shed any light on the comparison to their competition, never having even seen the other devices. They tell me that Kindle 2 will be out soon but they’re keeping a tight lid on what the new features will be.

  6. I just read at “PC World” that a Kindle spokesman said that The new Kindle would not be out ’til next year at the earliest.

  7. Norm
    I told you I would tell you what I thought about the Dahl book after reading on my Kindle. The reviewer was right. The narrative was not cohesive. I would say that it was an incoherent jumble. The sheer number and quality of the names that are dropped is staggering, however, and still made me glad I read the book.

  8. Thanks. I think I’ll put this one in my “flip through it some lunchtime” stack instead of the more prestigious “read ASAP” stack.

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