Pub Enemy #1 runs circles around opposition at Nicholson’s

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The Whippets, the Mercantile Library’s lethal trivia team, bared their fangs at their debut appearance at Nicholson’s regular Monday night pub quiz yesterday evening. The team, comprised of the full-time Library staff, the part time art maven, a past president, and a number of emotional attachments, brings incredible depth to the quiz scene. It was no contest really, with the Whippets taking not only the main event but winning the bonus round with a perfect score. Exhibiting surprising strength in the usually disastrous popular music skirmish, the Whippets’ rational exuberance probably meant that the table of suburbanites across the way picked up a few answers for which they would otherwise have been at a loss, but the Librarians and their associates played so well that there was knowledge to spare. Given the rich private lives of these incredible competitors, it is unlikely that the Whippets will be able to kick pub glutei more than a few times a year, but the region’s libraries and their trivial teams can consider themselves warned. When the Whippets do show up, it will be nolo contendere.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Whoah whoah whoah… I’m no slouch when it comes to pub quizzes meself. I singlehandedly won the July 3rd Pub Quiz at Newport on the Levee’s Claddagh.

    I’ll take all’s ye on. Or join in. Either way. I need friends.

  2. Better you should join in, although I warn you we’re a rough lot.

  3. S’alright. I like a bit of rough.

    In fact, I bet you scalliwags are up to TWO tea bags in your cup.

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