Parking for the Mercantile Library

The other day I had a breakthrough.  After years of telling people that the parking situation here is hopeless, I found myself explaining what I would do if I were in their situation, and they seemed to appreciate the information.  So here it is:  The Public LandingThe public landing is Cincinnati’s most spectacular parking lot, a scallopped swath of cobbles tilting gracefully into the Ohio’s alluvial wash.  This is where the city began.  The Taylor Southgate bridge rumbles overhead, and trailors waiting to unload sets and billygoats and acrobats for Disneyland on Ice idle  in the catacombs beneath US Bank Arena.  You never know whether it’ll be open, but why not take a turn down Mehring way just to check?  If it is open, park with your wheels turned away from the river, put your books in a backpack and donn your walking shoes, roller skates, or mount your trusty bike.  It’s a short but sightly jaunt around Great American ballpark, over the I-471 chute and up into the city.  Obviously all of this takes time.  As far as just swinging through downtown to drop off books, here’s another parking trick, but let me begin by saying that this blogger is IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for parking tickets incurred.  This is for the fleet of foot and not for the faint of heart.  (Mick, please don’t kill me for giving away your patented parking trick.)  Ok.  On the left side of Walnut, the block south of 4th, in front of the Scripps center, there is a 5 minute loading parking zone.  It doesn’t say which building you’re permitted to park for.  Allegedly, you can get away with a period considerably longer than five minutes, although again, we aren’t recommending you try.  All I know is that one Saturday I parked there for several hours.  Maybe the security guards were asleep.  This spot is close enough that if you keep up a good clip, you can be in and out of there inside of the constraints of the law.  Does anyone else have any downtown Cincinnati parking tricks?  -Ed Scripsi

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  1. Easy. Move downtown. Cuts parking problems out, period. :)

  2. Parking at the International Friendship Park (on the other side of Montgomery Inn) is free, and it’s a lovely walk along the river past Sawyer’s Point into downtown. Just make sure you’re back before Friendship Park is closed.

  3. HUGE fan of the International Friendship Park. Excellent place to eat lunch. Especially the artistic earthworks and grasses. One small failing, however, is the lock on the sculpture at the far end–that metal thingy with the little flaps that spin in the wind. Apparently, it was designed to be climbed in… what can I say, I’m a four-year-old at heart. While we’re on the topic of International Friendship Park’s public art works, I do like the giant parabolic shiny thingy, but that assemblage of burnt sticks, well, not my cup of tea. Won’t it be wonderful when the bike trail shoots past there?

  4. Every time I park at the public landing I’m afraid my car is going to roll over on its side. It’s pretty steep.

  5. I used to fear either failing to set the parking brake, or a sudden rise in the river level. Now it’s morbid fear of a head on collision with a duck boat.

  6. I think a few years ago, when the Ohio flooded, an announcement was made during a Cyclones game that anyone who parked their car on the public landing now had an amphibious vehicle.

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