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What did you do Wednesday night? You probably can’t even remember. It’s possible that you went home, looked at the financial news for about 30 seconds, poured three fingers of Old Breathitt, and played computer solitaire until you fell asleep in the Aeron. Had you hung onto the mailer we sent our members or paid attention to the e-mail we spammed you non-members with, you could have stayed in town and come up to the Library where Democratic party strategist and tactician David Wilhelm was scheduled to speak at six as the other half of a two part series that began with former senator Mike DeWine. “Dry as toast,” you say to yourself? Not so. As it happened, Mr. Wilhelm’s arrival was delayed by a bad accident on I71. Since the Library is not an airline, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some distraction for the 55 or so politically curious members and friends who had shown up, so we rummaged around in the wine bin, found a few choice bottles, grabbed some aqua minerale gassata from the fridge, poured a couple of bowls of Chex Mix, and presented an instant party. So you missed that. You also missed an extremely knowledgeable and nicely prepared explanation of why and how Ohio always winds up in the news at election time, including some fascinating bits of cultural geography Mr. Wilhelm borrowed from his father the cultural geographer. Mr. Wilhelm and Sen. DeWine were recruited by a couple of the Library’s most politically wired members, by the way. Members are at the heart of the Library’s intellectual life which is at the heart of the city’s intellectual life which is way way more interesting than that game of computer solitaire. You shoulda been here.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I met and had my picture taken with Mr. DeWine on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. That has nothing to do with anything- I am just showing off.

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