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It makes sense that in times like these, the two burgeoning literary forms would be the blog and the rant.  Okay, so using the words “blog” and “rant” in the same sentence as “literary form” might be pushing it, but nevertheless, blogs are popular because they offer bloggers and readers instant gratification, and an opportunity for immediate feedback.  Rants are well suited to the day as there are many aspects of modern life that lead to intense frustration.  Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip–Confessions of a Cynical Waiter, by “The Waiter”, originates in the blog  Obviously, this isn’t “literature” in the Nobel Prize sense, but as this article by Adam Kirsch, on the alleged rampant anti-Americanism of the Nobel Prize committee suggests, this might be to the author’s, and everyone elses’ benefit. Anyway, it’s solidly American in its hilarious take on consumerism, and maybe even a little French too–think Celine or a super-sarcastic Orwell slaving away as a plongeur in some Parisian kitchen.   Speaking of Orwell, the above wordle is the first paragraph of 1984–click there to see it full size and to entertain yourself creating your own wordles (Thanks, Mick).  We just got in two new collections of Orwell’s essays: All Art is Propaganda, and Facing Unpleasant Facts. In the first, you’ll find everything from reviews of the film “The Great Dictator” and the novel Tropic of Cancer, to reflections on Ghandi.  The second contains such classics as “Shooting an Elephant” and, get this: “In Defence of English Cooking.”  Ha!  -Ed Scripsi

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