Cooking Through the Financial Crisis

Honest readers will have to agree that worst thing about the financial goings-on is that the crisis has reached the point where local television news employees are attempting to report the story. As illiterate in finance as they are in everything else, these sad creatures bring to the narrative the same breathless approach they use in reporting hurricanes in the Florida panhandle, and it takes all the self-control one can muster not to hurl the still new Toshiba flatscreen over the deck and down to the alley.

What can one do to escape the hysteria? Many of our members turn to the timeless pleasures of cooking. A few of our members know that the Library has been buying interesting recipe books for over a century. They know further that the latest recipe books have their own small spot behind a column at the circulation desk and that there is a shelf in the stacks where the older recipe books simmer. Biba’s Italy is still out front. It’s one of those less than serious and a little too talkative books apparently aimed at people who like to read about cooking more than they actually cook, and it gets black marks for leaving Naples out of the “Splendid Cities” cited in the subtitle, but there is a nice, not too tricky recipe for saltimbocca, a dish as pleasant to prepare as it is to eat. It’s on our to-do list while we’re not listening to the news.

-Nemo Wolfe

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