“Among the most poignant episodes… is the meeting with William Kristol, whom Lévy finds to be rather less than a serious intellectual and even something of a partisan hack.”


Ka-Pow!!  Bam!!  Crack!!

Okay, so I’ll admit that this review isn’t as fun to read as others I’ve posted in this series, but it does give me a thin excuse to link to what should be the gold standard for modern day devastating literary takedowns: Keillor vs. Bernard-Henri Lévy. (By the way, I promise to keep linking to that review until weak writers and half smart intellectuals everywhere are too terrified to publish lest they run into Garrison Keillor in a darkened alley.)

It also allows me the rare opportunity to suggest that maybe America could stand to do a little more in its efforts to force its culture on the rest of the world, as BHL doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how we roll.

-Norm De Plume

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