What does it say about the world that we get calls regularly asking what time our Noon Music program will start?

This Friday at Noon-midday-twelve o’clock-solar apogee-lunchtime the Library will present an hour of Cole Porter songs sung by Deadra Hart whose father James will accompany her on the curvaceous Mercantile Steinway. “Who is Cole Porter?” ask our readers under seventy years of age. Well, young’uns, Cole Porter was a rich gay kid from Peru Indiana who ran off to Yale and spent the rest of his life writing some of the funniest and sexiest songs ever written anywhere, setting them to his own equally sophisticated music. He’s not to everyone’s taste. Blast him through the giant speakers in your pimped out Impala and your neighbors will wonder if you have lost your mind. But skim those wry little melodic essays off the bookshelves in the city’s upstairs library – that works. It’s not quite as cutting edge as Schwartz’s Point jazz as reported in City Kin, but it’s plenty cool.

It’s Friday. At noon.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I take offense. I’m 31 and not only do I know who Cole Porter is, I have him on my ipod!

  2. Even educated fleas know who Cole Porter is.

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