Mysteries of the Mercantile: The Door of Mystery

People always ask me what the deal is with this door, and I still haven’t settled on a good story.  Here are a few ideas I’ve been working on.  Let me know what you think:

1. “That door was installed before stairs had been invented.”

2. “We found out our building wasn’t up to code a few years back, so we had to get the floor lowered.”

3. “If you crawl through that door, you get to be Harlan Coben for 15 minutes, then it dumps you into the parking lot behind Popeye’s on Linn Street.”

That’s what I’ve got.  Of course, if you can come up with anything better, I’d love to hear it.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. It’s a depository for late books. It was originally down on Walnut Street but was moved to its present location in the 1930’s for austerity reasons.

  2. It’s where Mary keeps the booze.

  3. Oh, good one. I think the “Booze Stash” story is the one to beat.

  4. malkovich malkovich. malkovich, malkovich malkovich malkovich…

  5. Our portal is better because you can pick up a three piece spicy chicken strips when you’re done.

  6. The next thing you people will be telling me is that the “mystery” door is the door to a dumb waiter. You think I’m stupid or something.

  7. Too far fetched. No one would ever believe a whopper like that.

  8. mmm, spicy chicken strips — and here i just assumed it would dump you on the 8th st viaduct.

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