Start your own book group through the power of bloggery

We booked Lisa See at the Library because she is wildly popular with book groups. (She’s wildly popular with book groups because she tells interesting stories and tells them well.) The Library was packed.

We’re interested in book groups. They are our kind of people. We have a longstanding First Wednesday book group that reads mostly fiction but really depends for the selection on whoever’s leading the group on any given first Wednesday. We have a poetry group. We have a group slogging their way through the Shakespeare canon. We have a small but fiercely dedicated graphic novel group. What else should we do? Mysteries? Civil War? Political history? The New York Mercantile has two Proust groups. Anybody up for that? Play reading? The great Victorians? Food writing?

Respond, if you please.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. Food writing. But you knew I’d say that.

  2. Food writing for sure! Start with “In Defense of Food”!!!

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