Where was John Sanford?

We stayed up as late as we could last night to watch the hurricane-condensed Republican National Convention last night, but we are old and we were tired, so we didn’t see a great deal. We did note that the demographics of the affair gave it the look of the biggest suburban megachurch in the universe which is, given the Rovean strategies of the past eight years, unsurprising. We would have stayed up later if there had been an appearance by our favorite Minneapolitan/St. Paulite, the crime writer John Sandford, although it is, we admit, difficult to figure just where he would fit into the agenda. Crime fanciers among the Stacked faithful know that Sandford novels can be counted on for lots of long interesting drives in very fast vehicles across the snowy wastes of central Minnesota and northern Wisconsin and almost always a stupendously amusing police joke. There’s also an excellent, cranky, politically crafty lady police chief who is sort of the antithesis of our own ‘derboy top cop. Do not Stacked readers agree that it would have been a Mavericky sort of thing to do to have Sandford get up and tell one of those great jokes in the big Wasp nest? Oh, well.

Turning to non-crime, we call the attention of Stacked addicts to Sunday’s NYT book section and the front page review of Curtis Sittenfeld’s new novel American Wife. There are therein two connections with the old timey library that just won’t shut up: Ms Sittenfeld and the reviewer Joyce Carol Oates. Ms Sittenfeld’s mum and dad are members here, and Ms Oates has lectured here. We do not wish to disturb the senior Sittenfelds’ privacy, and hope we are not doing so when we say that it is not surprising that Curtis Sittenfeld has an intelligent and wry take on things. We are not sure that we would like to have Ms Oates reviewing anything we wrote were we to write more than a blog entry. In our experience she is one of the oddest humans ever to grasp the Mercantile Lectern, which was, by the way, once the lectern at a now vanished local mortuary college which is, we suppose, in her case oddly fitting.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. My attorney (who is also a very good friend) suggested I read Prep a year or so ago. I had dismissed it because it looked like “chick lit”– judging a book by its cover and whatnot. Instead I found a truthful, funny, wry and candid exploration of a very different sort of “outsider”.

    JCO’s review made me want to read the book (a good thing), and perhaps some more JCO. Will American Wife be added to the stacks at the illustrious Mercantile (where I intend to spend more Saturdays in the near future)?

  2. American Wife is on her way to the Library within days.

  3. Ooh. I think I know where I’m going next Saturday morning.

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