Still hacking our way through Savage Peace

We’re nearly through Savage Peace which we’re reading at work when we find ourselves unable or unwilling to deal with decisionmaking. (Full disclosure again: Savage Peace author Ann Hagedorn is a directionless director of the Mercantile Library – directionless in that she famously sort of points her Accord within a few compass points of her destination and trusts in God to get her where she’s supposed to be on time. God is, alas, often distracted). Readers will remember about Savage Peace that it is an account of the year 1919, an absolutely awful year in America, way worse than any year in the past dreadful decade. The book is stuffed, maybe even overstuffed (Ann is all about research) with hair-raising incidents and boneheaded government actions, most of which are unfamiliar to readers, none of which reflect well on anybody except maybe anarchists and black veterans of the Great War, and it makes the present era look like one for sissies. We have just gotten to the part where T. Woodrow Wilson gives himself apoplexy trying to sell the Fourteen Points to a country that just isn’t much interested in Points right now, thank you very much. Ann seems reluctant to admit that Democrat party icon Wilson, overt racist, Presbyterian prescriptionist, and anti-Semite that he was, was totally wrongheaded in his stubborn, starry eyed support of the League of Nations. But maybe by the end she comes around. We’ll let you know.

-Nemo Wolfe

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