Roughly every other summer, the library closes for cleaning. See, back in our pre-air conditioned days, the librarians used to open the windows when the weather turned sultry. Whether or not this provided the Membership with a cooling breeze is unknown, but what is certain is that it let in a great quantity of coal dust, much of which lingers to this day. And of course, the busts must be taken down and inspected (see above) to make sure their candy coating isn’t chiping off, exposing the delicious milk chocolate within.

Also, contrary to popular belief, yr. dedicated librarians do all of the cleaning ourselves. We will not spend the next week relaxing somewhere warm. We will be here, covered in coal dust and stinking of Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Anyway, things are bound to be slow around the old Stacked Web Log for the next week or so. If we find anything interesting- and we probably will- you’ll see it here first. Otherwise, we will resume our regular daily blogging schedule on August 18th.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. Ah, those sculptures. Frightening stuff happening upon them on a dark night. You’re one short of a jury, by the way. I suggest adding a Henry Fonda sculpture.

  2. I think a great idea would be to have little chocolate busts made up to sell with the t-shirts and calendars. I know I would buy some!

  3. After you’re done with the busts and such, feel free to swing through Oakley and unleash some TLC in my apartment. It’s in dire need of some dish washing and vacuuming – and I’m happy to open it up to you if you’re OCD and in to that sort of thing :)

  4. My car needs washing, too.

  5. Unfortunately, after this week we will be much too tired to clean anyone’s apartment and/or car. However, you’re welcome to borrow any statuary polish we have left over.

  6. I love that photo!

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