Last night’s first Greater than Ever Cincinnati Bloggers Convention

To all who showed up for the convention: Thanks for coming. Next year confetti, platform, and floor fights.

To all who sent regrets: We’ll do it again.

To all who felt uninvited: Don’t take it personally. First effort. We don’t know everything even though we’re a library. Get us your name.

To everyone who came with a camera: Let’s see what you got.

To everyone who wondered why we didn’t …. whatever. Put it in writing. We’re still inventing this thing.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I want to thank you for taking the initiative to put something like this together. I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to the next one.


  2. Thank you so much for hosting such a fantastic event! I truly enjoyed learning more about the hidden jem that is the Mercantile Library, and I also am so grateful for the opportunity to meet many of Greater Cincinnati’s leading bloggers.


  3. Fantastic time! It was lovely seeing the Library for the first time, and lovely meeting so many people. Thank you again!

  4. I missed it! I’ll make it next year.

  5. Thanks for putting on the event. Can’t wait to see how it grows every year.

  6. Thanks for hosting–it was a lot of fun! We’ll do it again, yes?

  7. Thank you so much for hosting! I needed to migle more but next year I promise to do more meet and greet. Again, thank you so much for your efforts.

  8. Loved it! Thank you for organizing a great event! I’m enjoying reading about it on various blogs today, too.

  9. Thanks for hosting :-). That really really is a great space!

    As for the floor fights next year, I’m all for it, so long as it includes jell-o.

  10. I’ll throw in my thanks too, and what a great idea. I met some new people, but didn’t get to meet everyone I wanted to. Like Dan, I’ll try to mingle more next time.

  11. I had a blast, I think I talked to almost everyone, but I’m sure there were one or two people I missed. There were a few bloggers I wanted to meet who stood us up so maybe next time?

  12. Wonderful people in a wonderful setting. Thank you to the Mercantile friends for throwing such a great event. It was great meeting about half of the room. The other half? Next year!

  13. Great idea for an event…and once again I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the very first Cincinnati Bloggers Convention. I will definitely be there for any future gatherings…given I’m not 7 hours away.

  14. A great idea and a great event. Thanks so much. Y’all put me in contact with an incredible diverse and new community (translation: I need to get out more).

    Next year in Mercantile.

  15. ^What they said!

  16. Ummm, what convention? Sniff…

  17. You were right at the top of our list, Tavern W., but I couldn’t figure out how to send you an invitation. I turned your blog upside down looking for an email address, but found nothing.

    If you send me an e-mail (mercantileinfo at mercantilelibrary dot com), I’ll keep you posted about any and all upcoming blogger events here at the Mercantile.

  18. […] and Boi Na Braza. In between, we met up with the Cincinnati area bloggers at the wonderful Mercantile Library. It was a great meet-up, and better described in other blogs than […]

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