Janette Sadik-Khan for City Manager for starters

So Thursday, when the blogging delegates arrive at the Mercantile for the blogging convention which, while admittedly not quite as large as the recent NAACP convention (although the delegates to that convention were eerily invisible on downtown streets) is still every bit as important in the minds of the conventioneers who are, I warn you, a talkative lot, where will they be parking their Raleighs and Jamises and Kymcos and Vespae? No place convenient. This is a city that hasn’t even begun to think about making life pleasant for the people whose decision to move on two wheels rather than four frees up both parking and maneuvering space for those whose fibromyalgia requires them to drive Siennas. There will be no bike locker. There will not even be a bicycle rack closer than the southernmost municipal bike rack on Fountain Square.

What do we have to do to lure Janette Sadik-Khan from New York to Cincinnati to straighten out our twisted lives? Brilliant, easy on the eye, a former employee of Parsons Brinkerhoff, Janette Sadik-Khan actually knows what Ciclovia is about. They’re doing something like it in New York next month. God knows when we’ll get around to it.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I actually saw a speech televised on CSPAN. Very impressive.

    RSVP: Will be there!

  2. Right now I’m in Seattle, which is very friendly to the two wheeled variety of transportation. Out here the two wheelers dare you to not treat them as four wheelers. They also insist on sneaking past cars lined up for lights. They do seem to want it all.
    Sorry I can’t be there for the convention.

  3. We love Janette in NYC! She is the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. That is like the exact opposite of Critical Mass. Cincinnati could do this so easily, especially in conjunction with the banks grand opening (scheduled for 2089?) and completion of the new spur of the bike trail.

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