Reader Help Wanted

There’s no reason readers shouldn’t know that the city’s senior library relies heavily on Kirkus Reviews in carrying out the core business of book buying. Kirkus is a pre-publication review service presenting anonymous book reviews unsupported by the advertising that makes other prepubs a little less trustworthy. (It must be noted that the Library’s non-blogger thinks Kirkus has gone soft in recent years, giving gooey warm reviews to books that would have been laughed off in the eighties. Is it possible that the non-blogger has herself become just a little tougher than she was in the eighties?) In an effort to jazz the magazine up, Kirkus has taken to stapling in thematic inserts – Best Beach Reads – Most Truthful Memoirs – which we largely ignore. But the June 15 issue contains the 2008 Graphic Spotlight which is actually sort of interesting but way over the head of the book ordering department. So fumettimangagraphicnovel fans are invited – make that encouraged – to weigh in with advice on what to buy that might actually get read. Email, comment, or come in and look at the issue to see what’s coming.

If this works, we’ll try the same thing for sci-fi.    -Nemo Wolfe

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