Won’t you please help?

Think about this: while you’re sitting in your comfortable home joyously contemplating your up-to-date globe, patrons of a certain old timey not-for-profit library are forced to use an ancient globe that features such imaginary countries as Czechoslovakia and the USSR.  Right now, a poorly informed Library patron is about to waste hours trying to book a flight to the non-existent nation of Yugoslavia.  Another is going to take the losing side of a $5 bar on how many Germanys there are.  A third is squinting vainly, wondering if the city of Peking he sees on the globe is anywhere near Beijing.

But for pennies a day- a tiny, tiny fraction of the price of a cup of coffee– you could be bringing information about the true names and borders of modern nation states to knowledge-hungry readers in the developing library world.  You can change a life. Donate your used (but up to date) globe to the Mercantile today!

Operators are standing by, because standing by is much easier then just ordering a new globe from Staples.

-Norm De Plume

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