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One of the drawbacks (for some people) or pluses (for others) about living so close to the country’s most endearing cultural institution is that there is not enough of a commute to stay on top of the radio world, which means that your reporter has completely lost track of what’s eating the talk radio world and has absolutely no idea of what today’s music might be. He could, one supposes, listen in the house, but for some reason the only radio in the Wolfe household is a satellite job that seems to be permanently welded to the opera channel. Your reporter does, however, get out occasionally on weekends on errands and in search of sporting venues. And he has heard The Splendid Table on NPR enough to have developed something of a taste for it. Quite a taste for it, actually. What he really likes is the recipes – particularly the ones that Lynne Rossetto Kasper makes up on the spot to use up the extra tablespoon of pesto and the odd chickpea, so he is happy to announce the arrival on the Mercantile shelves of The Splendid Table’s How To Eat Supper which is full of not only recipes for cheese-gilded linguine with smoky tomatoes and edamame and smoked tofu succotash (found in the classics section – is it a classic in your house? What an interesting house you must live in.) and which is interlarded with lots of those little snippets of food wisdom with which LRK bubbles so freely. Since your reporter never has a pencil in his moving vehicle, he never remembers any of the tasty menus once the car is garaged, but now there is this really quite handy book.

Also in: America Between the Wars From 11/9 to 9/11: The Misunderstood Years Between the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Start of the War on Terror. (How’s that for a catchy title?) This will appeal to those who like to run their tongues over recently vacated dental sockets.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. “Sweet Yams in Ginger Stick Curry”: two thumbs up.
    “Cuban Black Bean Stew”: a snap and a twist.
    Not having to listen to LRK’s NPR-epicurean smugness: priceless.

  2. I would like to say that “Sweet Yams in Curry!” is an excellent swear.

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