A Desire Named Streetcar

The Library’s official position on the exceptionally fabulous plan for a streetcar that would bring countless visitors directly to our front door even as it scoops up eager Findlay Market shoppers from the Banks and eases the way for beerfuddled visitors from the many locavegetarian restaurants of the Brewery District back to their hotels in the salsadancing Fountain Square neighborhood is that we have no official position any more than do the churches that invite gubernatorial candidates to the pulpit to share their totally non-partisan thoughts on salvation, but we will say that it was a pleasure to see the lankiest mayor in America take the stage in the swampy heat of Arnold’s courtyard Thursday evening to whip the friends of the Cincinnati Streetcar into a warlike frenzy of readiness to do battle with the Sansabelt Streetcar opposition forces. The famously cautious mayor usually limits expending his political capital to fights like the war on trans-fats where he is unlikely to encounter unpleasantness, but there he was, waving his arms, summoning up dreams of Prague on the Ohio, cracking jokes, and looking like — well, like a mayor.

Readers who like to wallow in Cincinnati’s dreamy transportation past are encouraged to check out the Library’s copies of On The Right Track: Some Historic Cincinnati Railroads and The Green Line: The Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway which are sort of porn for rail buffs. Great stuff.

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. I had to google sansabelt, and I still don’t get the reference, but agreed, Mallory rocked.

  2. You’re not the only one questioning the Sansabelt reference, Mike. I had this vision of bitter men of a certain age still proudly donning their red or green doubleknit perma-crease beltless trousers before they sit down to write what they believe to be scathing letters to the authorities and editors of this world about the sinful waste of public money on – well, on anything.

  3. …with obligatory soiling around the pockets and pills everywhere. The shirt must be buttoned to the top.

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