“Reading online does not seem to me to be a pleasure in itself but a response to irritation.”




Skep… what? Oh, sorry. I guess that is pretty annoying. It’s just that last night I tried to say “skeptical” and it came out “skeptable” for some reason. I don’t know what happened, but I do know that I felt like an idiot. I decided it was probably a fluke, but then it happened again this morning. So I’m repeating the word over and over until its pronunciation gets put back in the proper place in my mind.

Huh? Oh, right. This IS a blog about books and writing. So, uh… here. Enjoy this fascinating piece about how the internet is changing literary style. Happy? Good. Now, if you’ll excuse me…



Skeptab… damn.

-Norm De Plume

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  1. The Internet is full of unpolished writers (I am included). :)

  2. Nah, you seem to be doing okay. Anyway, I think the linked speaker is right. The internet is not welcoming to polished writing. Reading things on the web feels too much like work, so readers don’t feel like waiting around for anything to unfold. They just want links and bullet points.

  3. Having that discussion sounds irritating to me.

  4. You’re right. It’s hard to imagine either party being pleased with how the discussion turned out.

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