Arresting a Man Known to Carry Firearms

Our stacks are open to our members, but for some reason they hardly ever go back there to play. That’s too bad, because if you just browse around a little bit you can find some pretty incredible stuff. Some if it is even useful. Take, for example, “Scientific Self Defense” by W. E. Fairbairn:

Among other things, this amazing book teaches you how to arrest a man known to carry firearms:

I’m guessing this technique would also help you arrest a women known to carry firearms, but I can’t say for sure. A woman is bound to be less intimidated by your breakdance moves.

Of course, W. E. Fairbairn has his own Wikipedia entry, and it looks like his work is still pretty influential in the beating the crap out of people community. You can even pay money to take a class in Defendu, Fairbairn’s controversial hand-to-hand combat system. But savvy Mercantile stacks browsers know that you don’t need to buy the cow when you can take the milk home for two weeks for free, provided you promise to bring it back in decent condition.

Thanks to intrepid stacks explorer Fritz H. for finding this book and showing it to me.

-Norm De Plume

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