Power Lunch

The editorial we went to lunch in clubland with the movie guy last week. Since the movie guy was paying we went for the seared scallops on a bed of various unborn lettuces, a dish that turned out to be quite tasty and not at all like the dismal boarding school food that used to be the specialty at the Power Corner of 4th and Broadway. The movie guy lives in Venice CA but comes back to town to take care of his mum often enough that he needs a place to keep the movie business churning, which is how he came to frequent The Old Timey Library That’s Laptop Friendly. We talked, as you might expect, about books and movies. We told him that we had read a Shirley Hazzard book (The Transit of Venus) on the strength of his ravings, but it wasn’t the Shirley Hazzard book he wanted us to read (The Great Fire), so we’ve got to go back to the shelf. The movie guy said that he doesn’t know anybody who reads which was kind of sweeping but then he narrowed it down and said that he doesn’t know anybody in LA in the movie business who reads except the poor schmucks who read books for the producers so that led to a long interesting talk about books-to-movies, and then he asked what we were reading and once again we were caught flatfooted and unable to say that we were reading Proust or something similarly elevated because what we had just read was the latest Lee Child (Nothing To Lose) which is not elevated but is stupendously entertaining. We told the movie guy that it would be impossible to film a Lee Child book because of the tight writing and subtly left-wing macho morality and then we had a cup of that black raspberry chocolate chip stuff for which Graeter’s is rightly famous and went back to crack the whip for the few hours left in the day. It’ll be our turn to buy lunch next time. Where should we go that isn’t embarrassing but still doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

-Nemo Wolfe

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  1. You could always go to lunch at Nada, with their very unfortunate sandwich board outside. Today I saw a very skinny guy regarding it with some skepticism. It reads:
    “What’s for Lunch? Nada.”

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