A Post a Day in May Update: Day 28

The first thing you notice as you approach Stacked’s Top Secret Underground Blogging Compound is the smell. The acrid stench of forced blogging is an odor one does not soon forget, but today, day 28 of this brutal month of daily web log updates, the smell has a slightly different quality. It smells like… victory. At last, at long last, the end is within sight.

Reader, the past 28 days have been hellish. Tempers have flared. Relationships with our loved ones have been strained. Non-book related links have been gratuitously posted. Yet in a few short days your three intrepid bloggers will emerge as changed men. We will forever be blogging brothers, who share a bond only those who have been tested as we have been tested, who have blogged as we have blogged, will ever know.

We realize that May isn’t over yet, and that failure stalks us even now. We understand that the lost often expire within yards of a sheltering cabin, or a freshwater stream, or a 7-11. We’ve heard about the body of the shipwrecked man found on the beach still flushed and warm, having lit the signal fire moments ago. We know how it is when you’re on a long car trip, and you really want Burger King, but you don’t see it on any of the exit signs for mile after mile, and it’s getting late and you’re getting hungry, so eventually you pull off and eat at a gross Cracker Barrel, only to see a Burger King at the next exit after you pull back on the highway.  Yet our trial has given us an almost supernatural confidence. If we can survive 28 days of thinking up something new to say every single day, we can survive anything.

We’ve been tested, and we’ve emerged intact. We are Mercantile Librarians, and we can blog anything.

-Norm DePlume

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  1. Try posting 5-7 times a day!

  2. I refuse! In fact, to counteract the emotional damage I’ve suffered thanks to our May stunt, I’m probably going to have to spend a few weeks sitting in a darkened room listening to “Soothing Sounds of Nature” CDs.

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