We’re respected literary types now

Reader, we’ve arrived. I know because the Library recently received a package addressed to Nick Palazzo (?) c/o STACKED. The package contained (1) a book, and (2) the implication that maybe we might want to read the book, then perhaps write something about it on our blog.

Who knows which of our many, many, highly literary, book-themed posts made the publisher realize that we are a literary force with which to be reckoned? Maybe it was Nemo Wolfe’s thoughtful musings on streetcars. Or Ed Scripsi writing about brewing cider. Or, maybe my post on how annoying it is when you get chili on your tie.

The sad truth is that we may never know.  But the happy truth that we do know is that getting free things in the mail just because you might have an opinion about them is great. Be sure to read our new blog: The Mercantile Library Top Shelf Liquor, Gold Bars, Outlandishly Overpriced Hi FI Equipment, and High End Scooter Opinion Review.

-Norm De Plume

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