Street Food

Laura Pulfer used to call Taste of Cincinnati “Eat Cincinnati.” Privately, of course. We bring up this annual event because, like dandelions, high waters, and acid reflux, it’s back. The relocation of “Eat Cincinnati” from Central Parkway to Fountain Square and Fifth Street means that anyone seeking the peace, tranquility, and immeasurable literary riches of the Mercantile this Saturday will have to pick their way through the swamp of giant utility cables and port-o-lets clogging the four hundred block of Walnut Street. Once past the port-o-lets members will find our doors and the Library open and the usual policies in force. That means that members who find the prospect of eating sauerkraut casserole in the middle of the street repellent may bring that casserole up, set it on a table, pull up a chair, and eat like a civilized human being. Try to keep the cabbage out of the endpapers. What is merely an annoyance for the Library must be infuriating for the Fifth Street merchants who will spend their days looking at the backsides of restaurant booths and restaurateurs. The food tents form a nearly impenetrable barrier between the parade of gourmands and the storefronts, so if the merchants do a dime’s worth of business it will be a miracle.

Try to remember to take a look at The Endless City when you’re in. See what we could be doing here if we put our minds to it.

-Nemo Wolfe

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