In which I form an opinion regarding the book section at the dollar store

I had business at the dollar store yesterday, and being a librarian, I felt compelled to visit the book section (above). Although I saw many unsurprising titles there, including Carville & Begala’s book on winning elections (NOTE: For the purposes of this web log, I have no specific beef- literary, political or otherwise- with either of those cats, but unless something earth shattering happens, they’re about to be 0-1 this year), I was shocked to see, nestled amongst the cheesy sci fi and questionably helpful self-help books, two authors who have written some of my favorite books ever, namely Don DeLillo (I love White Noise) and Roddy Doyle (I’m a huge fan of the Barrytown Trilogy).

Admittedly, both the DeLillo (Cosmopolis) and the Doyle (Rory & Ita) met with a mixed critical response. Still, I think these two writers deserve better (the Five Dollar store, maybe?), even if it’s just for old time’s sake. On the other hand, even though I haven’t read them, I didn’t buy either book. I decided the fact that they were on a shelf a few feet away from this mysterious item:

was review enough for me.

-Norm DePlume

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